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This discussion was created from comments split from: IMPORTANT!! Rules for the Virtual Hamfest.


  • WANTED: Any very small wires, switches, display devices, small speakers and a small portable microphone that I can use while building my own transceiver as part of the OMARC MPET project.

    I've posted my project objectives and a description of the type of 'stuff' I will need on the Beginners Thread in the 'Projects' area of the website.



  • Some of the best ways to actually get some good switches, wires, speakers, resistors, etc is to look for some old electronics you can take apart. I like to actually find old FM radios on the street on garbage day and use the parts inside for projects like this.. Just a suggestion.. I have plenty of wires, switches, displays and even some speakers to share.. I know other people in the club have the same and will help with this also.. ;)


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    There are some nice little speakers at P&T Surplus in Kingston on Abeel St. They are only a buck. I have lots of those little 9v battery clips and will be bringing them to the next meeting to give away. If you want one sooner E-mail your address and I'll mail you a couple pronto. I also have some switches and plenty of R, Y and G LEDs. Also, I suggest getting an SMA to BNC adapter and using the antenna from your Bao-Feng which is made for 2meters like the MPET. Also, if you install a couple of audio jacks you could use one of the Bao-Feng external mics which are already equipped for "push to talk" action. That's what I'm planning to do. I hope you will keep posting to this forum as you proceed. Let me know if you get stuck or have any questions that don't require too much thinking or knowledge. I feel my IQ falling inversely proportional to my age so better to ask sooner rather than later. LOL - Cheers!

  • Seeking 8 little LED illuminated, momentary push button switches to select channels on MPET radio. Or 8 DPST. I'll add my own LEDs.

  • Just wanted to thank those who posted above and those who gave me some switches and wires etc. I now have some extra 'stuff' to share with others who may need something...and will keep an eye out for other 'needs'.

    The MPET/ helping me learn more about what goes on 'under the hood'...PRICELESS!

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