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FD Satellite Contact & Upcoming demo

OMARC was able to get 3 points for one contact via the SO-50 satellite this year courtesy of K2GOG operating as N2LL using an Arrow II antenna and a dual Yaesu FT-60 handhelds

The SO-50 contact was made on the 11:47 PM ET Pass on June 24th 2017 with W1NY after the last rain of the evening. Contact achieved at about 45 degrees above the horizon.

Here are the documents Steve K2GOG created for the poster boards for anyone who may wish to view them. Weather did not allow them to be set up the entire event.

About Satellite & Amateur Radio

3 Most important Parts of Satellite Equipment

  1. Satellite Operating Basics - Part 1 - Prediction Software

  2. Satellite Operating Basics - Part 2 - Antennas

  3. Satellite Operating Basics - Part 3 - Radio Equipment

Easiest Satellites & Objects to Operate 2017

CJ KD2IIN recently posted a video on the basics of GPS satellites. Some of the discussion focused on talking about the known or predicted location of any of those GPS satellites are any point in time. Ground stations use a formula to calculate the position and predict where the satellite should be. These are know as Keplerian elements.

More about a Kep, as they are often called and are what needs to be updated in the prediction software covered in part 2 above can be found at the below link.

How to track an orbital object

You can find exactly where a GPS satellite, amateur satellite, international space station of even weather satellites using updated keplerian elements alongside the appropriate software.

Here is a view of what weather satellites we could have downloaded weather images from in real time had the satellite ground station been set up in advance.

NOAA 15, 18, 19 schedules for Field Day 2017

Further reading:

Satellite Demo - Burger Hill Saturday July 1st - 12:45 PM arrival time.
  1. Interested in attending? SO-50 & ISS both pass over at about 1:10 PM. Arrive 20 minutes early.0 votes
    1. Yes. Look up Drayton Grant Park at Burger Hill for parking area on Google Maps for directions.
    2. No
    3. Maybe
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