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OMARC Baofeng 5R CHIRP Starter Image

Hey Guys,

I had a request to put together a starter image for the Baofeng UV-5R which includes the OMARC repeaters. In this image I also included the VHF and UHF National Simplex Call Frequencies, as well as the NOAA WX channels. I left a number of blank entries between the Ham entries and the WX entries, to allow for additional repeater frequencies.

When using the CHIRP software, it is important to know which "COM port" your cable is on. You can find it in the Windows device manager.

Please email me to obtain the image file, as the forum will not allow me to upload it.



  • After consulting with the Admin Wizards for the forum, I am adding this starter image as a .zip file. Hopefully it works!


  • Hi Dave, I down loaded the zip file too. Un-zipped perfectly :-)

  • edited August 2017

    Two things: A chirp file for one model radio may not work in a different model. Chirp works great in Linux :) K2BHM Jim

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