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Post from a friend in Puerto Rico Isla Verde area

So... not really "on the air"... but it pairs with our emergency preparedness.

Post Hurricane Maria Update: Hi all! I’ve not been able to connect since last Sunday so here’s an update. It’s day 17. We are all fine. It’s getting a little easier. Still no electricity. Rumors flying that it could be 2 weeks to 4 months for the San Juan metro area to get power, but it’s anyone’s guess. More remote areas in 6 months. No tv, WiFi or home phone. That won’t come on until we have power. No cell service in our area. We have to drive about 15 minutes to get enough signal to make a call.

We are still running on generator (night only and it’s still stinking hot) and the propane gas trucks (LPG) are coming around more frequently, but they are only accepting cash.

A few banks are open. It’s a 20 minute drive and the lines are 40 minutes long.

Some supermarkets are open (cash only) and the lines are shorter. We waited 45 minutes at Costco but the line had doubled by the time we got to the front.

The crazy lines at the gasoline (petrol) stations are over. Again cash only. I hear diesel is still very hard to get. Most people with generators use diesel. Luckily ours is propane.

Price gouging is happening. Ridiculous prices for high demand items. We’ll remember those that screwed us when things get back to normal! Boycott!

Our pool got cleaned yesterday. It was a swamp. So we can swim now. Yeah! Our pool guy can only buy chlorine at marked up retail. Normally it’s $1.30 a pound. Now it’s $5. He put 10 pound in our pool and a big bottle of algicide. At least we’re not farming mosquitoes anymore.

Our school is going back Wednesday They have no power or generator so it’s going to be very hot for them.

Traffic is quite simply horrendous. Julian is spending 1-3 hours in the car, each way, to and from work. The boys and I stay home and local. I’m not looking forward to the school run. We plan on leaving at 6:15am for the 7:30am start. Ugh!

There is still an evening curfew 12am-5am and I have not heard of any extra crime etc.

They lifted the dry law (thank God!) so we can buy alcohol now.

At this stage, we are planning to stay and wait it out. Things are slowly improving. If we can just get the power back on, the rest will follow. The hardest part, for us, is not having regular communication and news from outside of our “bubble”.

The best thing is massively improved community relations. Neighbours hang out the front of their homes waiting to flag down passing fuel trucks etc and swapping Info, news and post hurricane life hacks . Kids are riding bikes and playing in the parks and streets. I have met more people in our neighbour in the last 4 weeks than I have in the last 9 years of living here.

Another update next weekend. Adios!


  • Thanks for the share on this. Is this a close friend of yours CJ? What method of communication was used to share this originally?

    Lots of great ham radio stories showing how well it helped in this emergency bridge the communications gap.

    I have heard a few more KP3 and KP4 prefix stations on HF.

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