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Winter Field Day 2018

Hurley NY - December 25th 2017

The Overlook Mountain Amateur Radio Club has announced they will be sponsoring a "Winter Field Day" for the first time in the clubs history. Anyone interested in amateur radio, how to deploy a temporary/emergency communications station and how to make radio contact across the country in challenging weather conditions is encouraged to attend.

For many years, the club has run a successful Field Day operation the last weekend of June and most recently has operated from the home of one of its members who lives in the town of Kingston. In 2017, the club had its highest number of radio contacts with other participants in the 24 hour long continuous event. The success is largely attributed to a great location and a team of amateur radio operators that want to foster cooperation and camaraderie during the Field Day exercise.

Each year, OMARC tries to increase its points total by having as many operational positions on the air at all times to make contact via voice, morse code, data modes across the HF portions of the amateur radio spectrum. Additionally, adding specialized VHF and UHF capabilities such as satellite based communication has also gained the club additional points the past few years and widened its appeal across a more diverse range of amateur radio and technology enthusiasts.

Winter Field Day poses some unique challenges compared to its fair weather counterpart.

January 27th and 28th are the dates for the cold weather variation of this emergency preparedness event with official operating to commence at 2:00 PM New York time on Saturday the 27th. Weather is by far the largest factor influencing where the club will set up its communications equipment and will focus on advanced preparation and equipment staging to create a memorable 2018 experience.

Currently, there are two sites likely to be available where OMARC can deploy its emergency generators to power its radio and computer logging equipment. One site is located in Ulster County near the town of Olive. The other site is located in Rhinebeck in Dutchess County. Both sites offer great options to deploy various wire antennas for HF operation such as dipoles, verticals and full wave loops along with a satellite ground station and other digital technology.

Pending weather conditions, a final location decision will be made 72 hours before WFD 2018 starts at 2:00 PM

The club has weekly moderated discussions each Sunday at 9:00 PM, Tuesday at 9:30 PM and Thursday at 8:00 PM on its 146.805 MHz repeater. Winter Field Day will be a topic of discussion over the next few weeks during each one of the organized "nets" as they are sometimes known. This repeater communications tool will be a huge help in getting the word out about the club's plans across about a 50 mile radius and to inform its current membership about what they need to know in order to make the inaugural Winter Field Day one to remember.

Anyone interested in further information can contact the Winter Field Day Chairman, Steve Bossert at 1-914-573-1799 or via email at

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