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6m AM 50.4 MHz is active!

edited December 2017 in "ON THE AIR" Activity

Does anyone listen to the 6m AM calling frequency 50.4 Mhz?

Up until today, I never gave it a lot of thought and figured when I added it into the receiver that feeds Echolink WA2MJM-R, it would never capture anyone. I expected SSB was the place to be. I was wrong.

Yesterday on 146.805 I was talking to George @K2KME about 6m and asked him to try and listen in via Echolink since we had some activity on 52.525 FM recently I posted here. George has an interest in 6m but has not made any contact yet. Maybe this will change? AM or FM is possible!

When looking at the log tonight, the below jumped out at me:

The activity you see is from a station in Macclenny, FL in grid EM80 who is a huge fan of Icom radios according to his QRZ page.

Does this sort of reception get you excited for the 2018 Grid Chaser Contest? More about that is right over here....

6m AM
  1. What more do you think is most popular on 6m?0 votes
    1. SSB
    2. AM
    3. FM
    4. CW
    5. PSK31


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