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KC2NDA Contact from El Salvador (Central America)

If anyone is interested, I will be trying to communicate with the US from El Salvador (Of course on HF). Exactly 30 minutes to 2.5 hours from now depending on conditions and availability of the equipment. I do not know the exact band or frequency yet. But I will attempt to connect to the internet from there to let everyone know.




  • I am here at the club house in El Salvador. I am on 40 meters.. 7.250 If anyone is interested in trying...

  • Oh nuts, must have missed you. How are band conditions? Hear anything interesting? I am excited for two upcoming trips to EA and TF and plan to bring a rig to see if can work you guys back here. Beedooop!

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    Contact from KD2IIN to El Salvador! Watch the Video!

  • Distance between NY and El Salvador is approximately 3869 air miles!

  • Would be great to learn more about what sort of station (Radio, power, antenna) was used at both ends so we can all see how easy it is to talk GREEEEEAAAAAT distances with a moderate setup on HF.

  • Contact from W2NDB to El Salvador! Watch the Video!

  • Well, On my end, it was an Icom 718, MFJ Versa Tuner II 969, fed through 104 feet of 450 ohm copper ladder line to a 210 foot dipole about 35 feet off the ground.

    Here's my antenna:

  • I tuned in but did not get your signal.
    Welcome back Aaron!

  • Awesome test. Amazingly long haul for CJ. Cool stuff!


  • Verizon aint got nothin on ham radio... B)

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