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Baofeng issues

My Baofeng UV-5RHP stopped transmitting after about a year. I replaced it with a UV-5RTP. Basically the same radio. It worked great for 2 days, then upon releasing PTT, it stutters for 2 to 10 seconds before settling down and receiving properly. I did some research and found some interesting data for Baofeng users. - A useful Baofeng "Cheat Sheet" - A lot of useful information and troubleshooting. Custom calibration of the squelch settings.
Apparently the stock squelch settings are way off and basically useless. This sheet shows you how to go into Chirp and set up your own custom graph for the 0 through 9 squelch settings for the radio. I followed the setup on the sheet and now a squelch setting of 4 eliminates the stuttering. Before this, any setting resulted in the stuttering. Basically, when you select a squelch level from the keypad, you are actually calling up a value from memory, as set by Chirp.
So, if you have a Baofeng, you'll want to check out these 3 sites.

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