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How to post a picture?

Only Members can do this in "certain areas" on the forum. If it appears as an option to you, you have the permissions to do it!


  1. Re-size your photo so its not HUGE when posting on the OMARC site unless you need it to be HUGE for a certain reason. Here is a quick and dirty way to do that using good ole' Microsoft Paint.

  2. If you are going to link to a photo found somewhere else on the internet, please attribute it accordingly by saying something like "Courtesy of the LDG Electronics website" or "Thanks to Chester for posting this first on the OMARC Facebook page"

  3. Try NOT to save photos found on the internet already and post them here unless you feel it important and you provide the correct citation

Step 1: Once you have the picture on your computer, do this when either creating a discussion or posting a comment.

Step 2: Once you follow above, you should see a link like below in your discussion or post. This is where your picture is.

Step 3: Use the "preview" function to see if you got it right before you post. You can always go back to edit, but try to use "preview" first.

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