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TAG'S: Making an AMAZING user experience

Have you ever used an index in a book? Isn't it amazing how a well put together index can allow you to find just what you need super quickly in a 1000 page text book?

This is sort of how a "tag" works on a website. Tag's sometimes are better than using search features because maybe you need an idea on what to even search for.

Each discussion started in the OMARC forum can have up to 5 tags assigned to it.

The OMARC Forum TAG's are in ALL CAPS, so they easily stand out. All members can add tags to newly created discussions they start. We also have a crack team of "knowledge curators" to keep things orderly and well indexed to add a tag or two the original post may have overlooked.

The amazing experience

  • HELPFUL TAG TIP #1: Popular tags start to automatically complete themselves as you type them, to see if there is something similar in the Tag database the knowledge curators maintain.

  • HELPFUL TAG TIP #2: Looking for "every" discussion EVER! that was started that talks about "ANTENNA's" or OMARC's "MPET" project but just something for MPET Beginner's, simply click where illustrated below and enjoy a real time index of just what you are looking for from the home page or anywhere in the forum on the left hand side of the page

How else would you like to use tags?

TAG Tip's Poll
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  • edited February 2017

    Some further tips on using tags, try to use "value added" terms. Very generic terms are not very helpful.


    Do use "ANTENNA", "LEGAL", "YAESU", "DX"

    Do not use "fish", "taco", "paint", "knee surgery"

    Try to use "WEATHER NET" instead of "weather", "net" or "WX". There is no right or wrong answer when using tags. Our knowledge curators will clean them up from time to time or make suggestions on new tags.

    Amateur radio related terms are really the key here. We can talk about "knee surgery" on the air or in the special "members only" Parking Lot area. :smiley: >:) >:)

    Also, please DO NOT add your CALL SIGN as a tag. That just seems a little too.....

    Besides, you can easily see who participates in any discussion or what posts they made anywhere in the forum. Example, like all of Chester's fantastic content by looking for user KC2ZYF, or just clicking here.

    Hope this helps

    Steve K2GOG

  • Dang! I just saw this... Is there a way to add tags to threads already in progress?


  • No, you as the original poster must put tags when you initially create the discussion. However, moderators or those we are calling "knowledge curators" can go back and clean them up or add more.

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