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Spoiling the fun?

Here is a neat little trick or whatever you want to call it, called a "spoiler".

You can create a post and only allow some of the text to show. If you click on the text, it will show more text. Hence the "spoiler"

Here is how it works:

What happened to the ham who fell off his 200 foot tower?

He got MegaHertz

Do you think he had health insurance to cover his medical bills?

Not sure, but I think someone said he had Antenna Health or was it Aetna Health?

Here is how you do this, and you can use it for much more than corny ham radio jokes.

Type the text that will be the "spoiler" or punch line or whatever first. Then...

Select the text.... AND.... Click like so...



  • Ok. I'll have to do some experimenting because...

    ...because your explanation leaves things unmentioned.

    I'd also like to know if you can...

    ...edit a spoiler.

    And can a spoiler be more than... line long... it cant.

  • Ok. Now that I've got that straightened out I'd like to know how to change my profile picture like you did. When I click on that weird thing next to my name it tells me...

    _I don't have privileges to change my photo! _

  • Now let's see if a spoiler can contain a photograph...

    That man's name is...

    ...Sir Issac Newton.


  • wait a minute! Why can't I go back and edit something?

  • @KC2ZYF said: wait a minute! Why can't I go back and edit something?

    You have 5 minutes to go back and edit posts. And, ready, set....

    amazing I found one with 4:59 on it. :p

  • Nice nixie clock. :p

  • 15 minutes is now the editing window. You will also have a little timer that shows how long you have to edit before its locked in for good.

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