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Decisions: Why take a poll?

The OMARC forum supports a polling feature and all responses are anonymous.

Feel free to vote on a few by clicking here.

We can use polls for many different reasons. Here are a few examples to consider creating your own poll:

  • Ask about a particular radio you are considering to purchase
  • Find out who else is interested in certain interests
  • Learn "how many" people may be at an upcoming event or activity
  • Aid OMARC in learning how to offer benefits of interests to its members.

How do you create a poll:

Really nice features about the poll function

  • All replies are anonymous.
  • Tag a "poll" and find all other "polls" on the OMARC forum from any area easily
  • Quick way to get feedback on something.
A poll about polls
  1. Have you read this post about how to use the Poll feature?4 votes
    1. Yes
    2. No
    3. Maybe
    4. I like pizza!


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